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Company History

In September 1967, Pan American Engineering Corporation was founded primarily as a consulting firm in automation and Engine Room Instrumentation to serve the Marine Industry. Soon after, it became readily obvious that a vast market was available in the development and manufacturing of electronic products in this field. Equipped with the engineering and product application expertise required to enter into manufacturing these products, in 1970 the firm's name was changed to Pan American Systems Corp. to better identify with the market.

Early in 1970, with the improvements to the First and Second Generation products, production of the Third Generation product was initiated. These units were the 1000 and 1500 Series Monitoring and Alarm Panels. The 1500 Series featured the use of LED's and FULL motherboard with a FULL POWER Circuit Board design (this method uses small spacing between large segments of copper clad). this feature proved to be extremely valuable in future designs. During the ensuing seven years, these units (in service on board approximately 500 vessels) gave Pan American Systems Corporation a proven record in the industry.

By late 1978, PASC began the production of the Fourth Generation of the 400 Series that proved to be one of the most successful Monitoring Systems manufactured by PASC. One of the corner stones of PASC Engineering Philosophy has been to maintain compatibility for all new products with all existing products, therefore allowing maximum interchange and partial upgrade as well as continuity of older systems support.

In 1988, PASC relocated to Virginia Beach, joining one of the most active marine areas on the East Coast. Given the excellent new geographical location, PASC continued to serve the Marine Industry worldwide.

In 1995, PASC in a continuous effort to improve and maintain its leadership as a manufacturer of some of the most reliable products in the industry developed the Sixth Generation, the 600 Series. This Series designed to fulfill the need for interface with computers and the new and rapid changing communications industry.

At PASC we see a future with many opportunities awaiting to be uncovered by those who believe in the American Spirit of the rugged individual, willing to embark on the quest for EXCELLENCE.


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